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Hank Preston

NetDevOps Engineer
North Central Ohio
Hank started his career in network engineering like many, by cracking open a CCNA book and learning all about subnetting, the OSI model, and CLI interfaces. He fell in love with the deceptive simplicity and elegance of network communication and TCP/IP and dove in head first. His journey was one that included many network designs (and debates about designs), miles of copper/fiber cables, late night change windows, and even later night troubleshooting calls (it’s always the network… even when it isn’t :-). Along the way he picked up certifications in routing/switching, wireless, and security, culminating with earning CCIE #38336 in February 2013. After spending a couple of years exploring the world of “Cloud”, “DevOps” and “Applications”, the talk of SDN, automation and programmability caught his ears, and he decided it was past time to return to networking full time. In joining DevNet, Hank now has the wonderful opportunity to help fellow engineers in this transition, as well as shape and accelerate Cisco’s own journey and evolution in this new “Programmable Age” of networking.

Connect with Hank on Twitter https://twitter.com/hfpreston
Wednesday, October 17

1:30pm EDT