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Akash Mahajan

Appsecco Ltd.
Bengaluru Area, India
Akash Mahajan | Co-Founder Appsecco | OWASP Bangalore Chapter Leader | null Community Manager | Author Burp Suite Essentials - Have been doing application security for more than 9 years now as "That Web Application Security Guy". - Wrote a book on Burp Suite Pro. This is the tool most security professionals use to test applications for the web and mobile. - Having consulted with companies and governments for so long, I have realised that developers tend to prefer tooling, productivity and some of them don‰Ûªt think about security as much. - Co-founded India's largest security community which is home to over 5000+ security testers and clearly see that we have a huge gap in how we test and how things are being built. - Director of Appsecco where we are working with teams to secure their DevOps, train their developers and think about security holistically
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