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Wednesday, October 17

8:00pm NZDT

9:00pm NZDT

9:30pm NZDT

10:00pm NZDT

10:30pm NZDT

11:00pm NZDT

11:30pm NZDT

Thursday, October 18

12:00am NZDT

12:30am NZDT

1:00am NZDT

2:00am NZDT

2:30am NZDT

3:00am NZDT

3:30am NZDT

4:00am NZDT

5:00am NZDT

5:30am NZDT

6:00am NZDT

6:30am NZDT

7:00am NZDT

7:30am NZDT

8:30am NZDT

9:00am NZDT

9:30am NZDT

10:00am NZDT

10:30am NZDT

11:00am NZDT

11:30am NZDT

12:30pm NZDT

1:00pm NZDT

1:30pm NZDT

2:00pm NZDT

2:30pm NZDT

3:00pm NZDT

3:30pm NZDT

4:30pm NZDT

5:00pm NZDT

5:30pm NZDT

6:00pm NZDT

6:30pm NZDT

7:00pm NZDT

7:30pm NZDT

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  • CI/CD: Continuous Everything
  • Cloud Native Infrastructure
  • Cultural Transformation
  • DevSecOps: Automated Security
  • Keynote
  • Site Reliability Engineering

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